EF Core 5.0 Is Now Available

The release brings over 230 enhancements, over 380 bug fixes, and over 80 cleanup.

Recently, the Entity Framework team announced the release of EF Core 5.0. EF Core 5.0 is released simultaneously with .NET 5.0.

Well, this is a general availability/release to manufacturing (GA/RTM) release and addresses final bugs identified in the previous RCs and is ready for production. 

The release brings a large pool of changes of over 230 enhancements, over 380 bug fixes, over 80 cleanup and API documentation updates, and over 120 updates to documentation pages.

Source: Microsoft

Some of the highlights EF Core 5.0 include Many-to-many relationship mapping, Table-per-type inheritance mapping, IndexAttribute to map indexes without the fluent API, Database collations, Exclude tables from migrations, Filtered, Simple logging, and Split queries for related collections.

The latest EF Core release introduces the LogTo method as a simple way to obtain logs while developing and debugging without installing additional dependencies. You can now implement many-to-many relationships without explicitly mapping the join table.

A new DbContext.ChangeTracker.Clear() method allows you to clear the EF change tracker so that all currently tracked entities are detached. 

For additional details, you can visit the official announcement here.

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