Elastic Database Client Library Now Open Source

The elastic database client library eases the creation of ADO.NET applications that implements and use the pattern - database sharding in Azure SQL Database. Physical partitioning data across a number of identically structured databases is done by sharding technique. Also, elastic database client library eases the creation of these shards.
Silvia Doomra Program Manager II, Azure SQL Database stated via a blog post:
“Last year, we made .NET Core available as open source software, and we received a lot of enthusiastic contributions from the community. To complement the .NET Framework’s Open Source initiatives Azure SQL Database Elastic Database Client Library is now available as well as open source software on GitHub.”
Since it will be available as open source, it would mean the customers will engage directly with the product group in real time as contributors to codebase. Here, the customer are the one who provide timely and steady feedback. Moreover, open sourcing:
  • Helps customers use our code with much assurance.
  • Accelerates innovative characteristics to market that our customers wish for.
  • Extends the elastic database client library to work with other client APIs.
Detailed information about the elastic database client libraries can be viewed here: documentation map.