Embedded Technology Helps Bring “La Dolce Vita” to Connected TV

The development team at BLUROSSO chose to work with Windows Embedded Standard 7 because it offers the power, familiarity and reliability of the Windows 7 operating system in a componentized form while allowing consumers to connect a multitude of devices to BLUROSSO’s intelligent TV.

Microsoft Windows Embedded is like an open door to a wide variety of multimedia applications, devices and services,” claims Nori. “It seems like every new portable and wireless device is Windows compatible.”

Since BLUROSSO was fairly new to the embedded world, the company was looking for an operating system that provided familiar programming tools and support resources. Windows Embedded Standard 7 met its specific needs by providing the applications and support it needed but went further to equip the development team with the capabilities to bring its product to market quicker.

“We needed to build a working prototype quickly to gain interest from distributors at major European electronics fairs,” recalls Luca Caregnato, software developer, BLUROSSO. “Thanks to the support of Microsoft and the quality of Windows Embedded technology, development of the system software took just four months, and we met all our critical deadlines.”

The product BLUROSSO created is called Vivaldi I-TV, an intelligent TV that reduces the number of devices in the living area by consolidating multiple functions, which in most cases can be launched by a click with Vivaldi’s remote control. The team at BLUROSSO looked to bring the ultimate viewing and luxury experience to its consumers by not only providing the latest embedded technology but by manufacturing its product with impressive materials like Italian leather, aluminum, carbon fiber and marble paired with a Virtual Dolby Surround sound system, Blu-Ray player and built-in webcam.


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