Extract Excel data with formatting in .NET

In everyday life, developers often have to deal with tabular data, whether it is a price list from a supplier or a report from a customer. The most common mode of transmission of such data is the Excel file format XLS or XLSX, which allows to not only store and process data but also to apply different formatting to them. Therefore, developers face the task of extracting data from Excel files and reading the excel formatting. For these tasks Elerium Software introduces a new version of the Elerium Excel .NET Reader component. Elerium Excel .NET Reader 2.1 contains extensive language support and improved performance with the XLS and XLSX file formats.

The main changes:

- Improved functions of reading XLS and XLSX files.
- Added the ability to read text with right-to-left direction.
- Added Arabic text support.
- Added support of multilingual formulas.
- Improved the reading of formulas.
- Improved methods of export to DataTable.
- Fixed a number of minor bugs.

The component allows to get full information about the content of the Excel cells and their formatting. For more information about the component please visit the product page:


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