Fabric: Twitter’s New Mobile App Built For Developers

Twitter Fabric is mainly for developers who want to build better apps, but this has been limited to Web-based interfaces. However, it is now available on Android and iOS.
Unlike some apps, which do little more than show you what’s happening with your apps, and while you are away from your PC, Fabric for mobile is customizable as well as actionable.
Currently, Fabric is centered around Twitter’s tool, Crashlytics, for discovering issues with apps. The app itself was the consequence of feedback from Runkeeper, when its weekend promotional offers were resulting in some issues for the users while the development team was out ofthe office.
Image Source: itunes.apple.com
Runkeeper could have asked part of the team to work during the weekend in an effort to troubleshoot any issues, but that raises entirely different issues. With Fabric, users can now quickly identify the issues and decide if any kind of action is necessary.
In addition to providing a few notable glimpses into the stability of the app, Fabric will notify you if there are any issues. Users will also be able to choose to receive all notifications, or limit it to priority problems or critical falls. Notifications can now be toggled off in-app and settings can easily be applied uniquely for each app which is being used with Fabric.
 Image Source: itunes.apple.com
Aside from getting notifications whenever something is wrong, there is a place to comment on that particular issue. It is a linear stream, similar to Slack, which allows developers to discuss issues or update the entire team about the on-going progress.
The push notification will provide the users with important details, and you will be able to get the complete slack-trace information on numerous users having issues along with what devices and platforms are being affected. The aim of the Fabric team is let you know what you are looking for, even before you open your computer.
As stated, Fabric for mobile is about having the same experience as on the desktop. It is actionable and provides the insight that you will want, when you are away from your PC. It does not provide the same details as the breakdown Fabric on the Web, but that’s not its exact purpose.
For all those who are using Fabric on the desktop, the mobile version is a must. The app is currently available on Google Play as well as on App Store.

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