Facebook And Microsoft Join Forces For Remote Development

Facebook said that Visual Studio Code is a platform on which it can safely bet its development platform future.

Recently, Facebook announced its partnership with Microsoft on Remote Development. Also, now Visual Studio Code will be Facebook's default development environment.
The company said that though Facebook developers have Visual Studio Code installed locally on laptops, most development is done directly on individually-reserved development servers that live within Facebook's data centers. Remote development is an emerging trend, it provides several benefits to developers.
It allows developers to work with larger, faster, or more functional hardware than what’s available on a local machine and gives the versatility of being able to quickly switch between multiple running development environments without impacting local resources or tool performance
Also, Remote development enables you to create tailored, dedicated environments for each project’s specific dependencies, without worrying about errors due to mixed or conflicting configurations.
Facebook said that to help Microsoft enhance its product offering, Facebook has provided input through its experience and expertise supporting remote development for Nuclide. And Microsoft has allowed Facebook to move off its own custom solution.
It is worth noticing that the remote development capabilities added by Microsoft are available as extensions for anyone using Visual Studio Code.

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