Facebook deletes fake profiles

I am not sure if you are aware of this or not, Facebook supposedly have over 900 million users. Many of them are fake. People have facebook accounts for their businesses, animals and what not. 

To understand the real number, Facebook has started removing fake profiles.

While talking to PTI, Pavan Varma, Business Manager, Facebook India, told, “We are absolutely making a huge effort to delete the fake profiles. If there is a doubtful ownership account in the facebook, the user need to be identified himself/herself. If the account is created in generic name instead of a proper name, uses images of cartoon characters or celebrities as display pictures, or it doesn’t have enough friends, the doubt about authenticity of account will arise,” he said.

“We do not want fake identities. So the Facebook comes back to the user saying, could you help us identify yourself if you don’t have enough friends,” he said further. Facebook is also making initiative to take out fake likes generated by spammers, malwares and black marketers. 

“The advertisers are madly going after the numbers in the Facebook. However, it is not the right way. Instead of increasing the numbers, there must be valuable conversation around the brand. The advertisers conveniently avoid this fact,” said Varma.  

“You cannot boost your brand image by counting the number of likes you received in Facebook. Companies generally pay Facebook for a dedicated page on its platform that helps them connect with the target audience,” Varma told.

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