Facebook Launches Bot Framework For Developers

Bot AI apps seem to be the next big thing in software development. Last month, Microsoft announced its Bot Framework for developers at Build 2016 that allows developers to build intelligent apps using Cortana and other AI based applicable objects and features.

Yesterday, at the F8 Conference, Facebook announced a new bot engine based on wit.ai, a natural language for developers. Wit.ai, acquired by Facebook last year, has already been used to build M for Messenger.

Facebook’s new bot framework allows developers to create text or voice based bots that humans can chat with on a platform. The wit.ai based bot framework is an open source platform and available in Github. https://github.com/wit-ai

Where to learn Wit.ai

You can get started with wit.ai here:


Here you can start building your first wit.ai based app:


Currently, wit.ai has samples of Node.js, Python, and Ruby.