Facebook Launches Browser Based Text Editor "Atom In Orbit"

The Facebook development team has developed a version of the famous open- source text editor Atom. This new version, "Atom in Orbit" can now be deployed in a web browser. This new tool is now available on GitHub, under BSD-3 Clause open-source license. Facebook has uploaded a demo app also, that lets you learn working with the editor so as to support remote development. 
The new tool, as per the spokesperson,  is more about a hack as well as a demo, than it is about a full-bore open-source release, which has been built on Facebook’s Nuclide IDE, that runs on top of Atom. Atom has a very good response in the market and a huge user base.  Now, you will be able to run it in the browser, which comes with certain advantages.
In the official blog, Facebook states,
Image Source: code.facebook.com
For more details, check the documentation, here.

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