Facebook Launches Libra Bug Bounty Program

Facebook offers up to $10,000 in prizes for identifying the most critical issues.

Recently, Facebook announced the launch of the Libra Bug Bounty program in order to encourage the security community to dig deep, helping the company find even the most subtle bugs.
Well, Bug bounty programs are a well-established way to encourage security researchers to detect and report security vulnerabilities in exchange for potential rewards.
The Facebook program offers up to $10,000 in rewards for finding the most critical issues.
Libra Bug Bounty Program 
Facebook said that it had started its bug bounty efforts as soon as it announced the plans for Libra, i.e. June 18th, with a beta bug bounty program and invited as less as 50 security researchers with blockchain expertise and encouraged their deep scrutiny of the platform.
With the announcement, the program is now open to the public, and Facebook wants further accelerate and expand this feedback loop. Facebook wants to uncover issues while the Libra Blockchain is still in testnet and there is no real money circulation.
To learn more about the Libra Bug Bounty program you can visit https://hackerone.com/libra.