Facebook Open-Source Tools For Fast React App

Currently, Facebook’s React.js library is being used to create native applications for several platforms, which includes iOS, Android and Windows 10. However, just like any framework, it too requires a certain amount of assembly and heavy lifting.
 In order to end this, Facebook has an open source project Create React App, and this could be described as a power lifter. Create React App provisions require three main tools needed while building React applications, which are, the Webpack asset-bundling tool, the Babel JavaScript compiler and the ESLint code-linting tool for language. The app goes on to obtain as well as set up proper versions of all the three, leaving the developers completely free to work on more app creation.
With the Create React App, the social media giant is offering, for the very first time, a tool which will deal with the environment for building certain kinds of JavaScript applications. The JavaScript’s ecosystem has gone on to gain a reputation for being fragile and mutable, hence often leaving the developers to assume the burden of making everything work together.
 Several of these issues have been posted at Facebook’s React blog where the React team member Dan Abramov has cited the "overwhelming explosion of tools" which are available with developing not only with React but also in JavaScript, generally.
Abramov states,
"By choosing React (and inherently JSX), you've unwittingly opted into a confusing nest of build tools, boilerplate, linters, & time-sinks to deal with before you ever get to create anything."
Create React App is meant to address this by bundling and pre-configuring numerous key prerequisites for React, by minimizing the dependencies and removing the requirement of configuring the tool. There are no configuration options available for Create React App.
There are possibilities that this last decision might spark a controversy, as it would make the tool more close-ended and single-purpose. A possible defense is that as the tool is open source, it can easily be configured directly. Facebook informs us that once Create React App finishes its configuration, the user is completely free to apply for any post customization that is required.
 Facebook states,
 “If you're experienced with build tooling and prefer to fine-tune everything to your taste, this lets you use Create React App as a boilerplate generator.”