“Father Of Java” James Gosling Joins AWS

James Gosling, better known as the “Father of Java” has joined Amazon Web Services. James revealed this information via a Facebook post recently.
James is the one who proposed the new design of Java and implemented first Java Compiler and VM when he was working in Sun Microsystems. And recently, he was associated with Liquid Robotics working on a project related to underwater robots. Amazon has also confirmed that James has joined AWS but the work he will be doing is not revealed yet.
Here is another Facebook status of James, posted yesterday,
With the skillset and experience Gosling possesses, he can fit in many positions, however the most suggested guess is that he is a natural fit for the teams working on the AWS’s tools for IoT. This seems right because James has experience in this domain and he is familiar with functioning of IoT systems and cloud technology.
Well! AWS is lucky to have the Father of world’s most popular and widely used programming language. Now, this is to see what Amazon can bring out with the legends like James in its team.

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