FaultTrack, a bug tracker for .NET Developers on the Windows Desktop.

July 23rd, DCOM Productions launched its software product FaultTrack on Kickstarter. FaultTrack is a bug tracker for .NET developers who write in CLR compliant languages like C#, Visual Basic .NET, managed C++, and even F#. FaultTrack is pretty unique from most bug trackers, mainly in that it provides a very good user experience and interface design, but it also brings some new innovating features to the table like automated bug tracking, which will make developers more productive during debugging with Visual Studio.

They hope to start the remainder of the development on August 22 if they can get the support and backing, and hope to have the software finished and out the door by September 2013.


Looking at some of the user interfaces of FaultTrack, it does look promising. The software has been in development for a year and a half according to David Anderson, the principal developer on the project. According to David, they hope to change the way people think about bug tracking, and give .NET developers on the Windows Desktop who use CLR languages and Visual Studio, "a superior bug tracker".