Fauna Launches Serverless Database Service

FaunaDB Managed Serverless is a data management solution without the operational overhead.

Recently, Fauna announced the general availability of FaunaDB Managed Serverless, which, the company claims, is the industry's first managed cloud database offering that brings a serverless experience to businesses adopting the cloud.
Source: fauna.com
The company said that its Serverless is a full-fledged data management solution without the operational overhead and features all capabilities of FaunaDB along with the operational controls desired by businesses.
These controls include Enterprise-grade support and SLAs, Change data feed or stream, Query log auditing, Operational monitoring integration, Customer-defined local endpoints, and Customer-defined data locality
FaunaDB Managed Serverless also features Backup and restore tailored to meet compliance needs and Isolated environments as needed for development, testing and staging.