Featured Articles for October 2014 Announced

Here you will find the list of all featured articles of the month of October, 2014.

C# Corner has been a wonderful resource for developers to learn, share and grow for the last 15 years and we, as C# Corner members, must continue to do so.

To help this, I have created a list of all the featured articles of the month of October, 2014, written by multiple authors who actively share their technical skills and excellent knowledge.

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Applied Secure Socket Layer in .NET: Part 2 Installation and Testing

By Ajay Yadav
Applied Reverse Engineering With OllyDbg

By Ajay Yadav
Applied C#.NET Socket Programming

By Ajay Yadav
Protection Against Buffer Overflow Attack in .NET

By Ajay Yadav
.NET Binary Reverse Engineering: Part 1

By Ajay Yadav
Top 10 Things You May Not Say To Your Boss

By Mahesh Chand
What is New in Windows 10

By Mahesh Chand
Success Requires Continuity

By Mahesh Chand
Microsoft Windows App Studio Beta: Publish the Menu App in the Store

By Sara Silva
How to Create a Virtual Machine To Run Windows 10 Technical Preview

By Sara Silva
OWASP Top 10 Risks #2: Broken Authentication and Session Management

By Max McCarty
ASP.Net MVC Life Cycle

By Rasmita Dash
Web Services in C#

By Rasmita Dash
The Class GeocodeQuery in Windows Phone 8

How to Create Google Charts With MVC 4

By Saineshwar Bageri
ASP.Net vNext: Part 2

By Sumit Jolly
How to Configure Page Output Caching in SharePoint 2013

By Destin joy
SOLID Principles in C#

By Damodhar Naidu
Visual Studio 2013 Key Notes

By Ramchand Repalle
Windows Phone Controls: Part 1

By BD Devs
Model First Approach in ASP.Net MVC 5

By Nimit Joshi


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