Feb 2020 Update Of CMake Tools Extension Released

The latest update of the Visual Studio Code CMake Tools extension features multi-root workspaces and file-based API support.

Recently, Microsoft announced the availability of the February 2020 update of the Visual Studio Code CMake Tools extension, which brings two of the extension’s top feature requests, i.e., file-based API support and multi-root workspaces.
Multi-root workspace support will enable you to have two or more folders containing a root CMakeLists.txt open side-by-side in VS Code. If a workspace contains multiple folders, the CMake Tools extension will display the active folder in the left-hand side of the status bar.
Developers can also temporarily override the active folder by selecting the active folder in the status bar or running the CMake: Select Active Folder command.
There are also new commands like CMake: Configure All Projects and CMake: Build All Projects to apply existing CMake commands to all the folders in your workspace.
Source: Microsoft 
Another highlight of the new release is that it supports file-based API. Microsoft said that file-based API offers a faster and more streamlined way for the extension to populate the editor with information specific to a project structure as it reads response files instead of running CMake in long-running server mode.
Other improvements in new releases include:
  • Support for ${command:cmake.buildKit}.
  • LLVM_ROOT and Visual Studio Clang locations to the search path for Kits.
  • Additional intelliSenseModes in the configuration provider.
  • Detect bundled CMake in Visual Studio.
  • "Scan for kits" option in kits QuickPick.
You can visit the official announcement here.