Feb 2021 Update Of VS Code C++ Extension Is Now Available

The release brings support for cross-compilation IntelliSense configurations.

Recently, Microsoft released the February 2021 update of the Visual Studio Code C++ extension, which brings support for cross-compilation IntelliSense configurations and more than 60 bug fixes.

Users can now configure the extension to provide proper IntelliSense when compiling for a different platform than your host OS. The C++ extension now will not hardcode system defines based on your host OS, instead, it’ll use the system defines returned by your compiler. For example, intelliSenseMode value "linux-gcc-x64" can now be used on a Mac host machine.

Source: Microsoft

The February 2021 update comes with a bunch of enhancements like clang-format has been updated to version 11. Now, a native ARM64 clang-format binary is shipped with the extension for ARM64 Windows devices.

The release adds a command to generate EditorConfig contents from your code formatting settings (vcFormat), and a new “console” launch config property for cppvsdbg (replacing the legacy “externalConsole” property). 

The February 2021 update knocks out more than 60 bug fixes, including:

  • Fix clang-format failing due to missing libtinfo5 on Linux ARM/ARM64. #6774
  • Fix handling of –sysrootand -isysroot with compileCommands. #1575
  • Fix IntelliSense not updating if a non-opened header is changed. #1780

For additional details, you can visit the official release notes here.