Firefox 53 Unleashed

This news gives an overview of new themes and graphic processes as far as Windows is concerned. It also presents information about its innovative features for an Android.

Firefox 53  has been launched by Mozilla for Windows, Mac, Linux and Android. As far as two new themes on desktop are concerned, the new version consists of running the graphics compositor in a separate tab on Windows. To fascinate you further, it came with compact tabs on Android in addition to a redesigned interface for site permissions and estimated reading times.
If you want to download Firefox 53 for the desktop, it is available for download at, whereas the existing users will be automatically upgraded. It has been estimated by Mozilla that half a billion people around the world use the browser but the exact numbers were not revealed. An interesting fact has popped up that even in a world increasingly dominated by mobile apps, it is still a preferred platform by the web developers.
To take full advantage of the graphics compositor, you will be amazed to see that it determines what you see on your screen by flattening into one image, which now runs in a separate process; enabling it to be faster, because Quantum Compositor runs on the GPU against the CPU and it has been pinpointed by the firm that the browser crashes are reduced by approximately 10 percent. A redesigned interface is able to showcase the permissions, which the site requests, when you visit a website willing to to access sensitive hardware or send you a notification.
Now, Windows users have a choice to select from 32-bit and 64-bit when it comes to installation, whereas support for 32-bit Firefox on macOS, older Pentium 4, and Opteron CPUs on Linux have been removed by Firefox 53. The authors can partially or fully hide visual elements within a webpage with the help of CSS Masks.
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