Firefox 85 Adds Supercookies Protection

The latest release of Firefox brings networking partitioning and supercookies protection

Recently, Mozilla released Firefox 85 to the stable channel. The new release protects you from supercookies and makes it easy to save and access your bookmarks. The new release also provides you to remove all of your saved logins with one click. 

Source: Mozzila

The new version of the browser removes support for the Adobe Flash Player plugin. Well, Mozilla had revealed its intention to drop Flash in July 2017 as part of a coordinated industry-wide Flash deprecation and End-of-Life plan, together with Google, Microsoft, Apple, and Facebook.

The latest release greatly reduces the effectiveness of cache-based supercookies by eliminating a tracker’s ability to use them across websites.

The most significant feature coming with Firefox 85  is "network partitioning.". The feature works by splitting the Firefox browser cache on a per-website basis, a technical solution that prevents websites from tracking users as they move across the web.

To protect from connection-based tracking, Firefox 85 also partitions pooled connections, prefetch connections, speculative connections, preconnect connections, and TLS session identifiers. This partitioning applies to all third-party resources embedded on a website.