Ford To Connect Amazon Echo Smart Speaker and Alexa

Recently, Ford has been working on connecting its SYNC-in car technology platform with Amazon’s Echo smart speaker and Alexa virtual assistance, which would allow drivers to turn off the living room lights from their car, or start their vehicle using voice command from the kitchen.
This plan was recently announced in advance of Ford’s news conference at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.
Ford has yet not provided any timeline for the planned Amazon integration. This movement is part of a broader trend for connecting vehicles to external devices and services, which includes smartphones, cloud service, and in-home systems. The company says that it is also working on a similar integration along with Wink home automation platform.
The Amazon integration is expected to work in two different ways. Firstly, the drivers will be able to speak to Amazon Echo devices in order to start, stop, lock or unlock the cars, change the vehicle’s status or determine the location of the vehicle, if someone else is driving, or check the level of fuel. Secondly, the customers will be able to access Alexa, Amazon’s virtual assistant, just by pressing the voice command button.

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