Foxconn Factory Brawl Leaves 40 Injured in China

A Foxconn Technology Group factory in Taiyuan, China (Shanxi Province) has been temporarily shut down today after a brawl involving as many as 2,000 workers broke out late last night, Bloomberg reports. 

The factory, which employs 79,000 people, manufactures electronics, components, and precision molding for devices including mobile phones and automobiles, though the company has declined to comment on whether parts for Apple's iPhone are assembled there. 

The fight broke out between rival groups of workers at a dormitory run by an independent company. After breaking out at around 11:00 pm last night, the fight dragged on until police arrived in full force to bring it under control around 3:00 am. Arrests have been made, but details on the incident remain sparse so far as the investigation continues, according to the New York Times

The Verge reports, via Reuters, that one worker has claimed the iPhone 5 is in fact assembled at the Foxconn factory in Taiyuan. 

Chinese workers have become increasingly more assertive in demanding better working conditions. Although the current incident has been called a personal dispute between employees, too little information is available just yet to draw any firm conclusions about the cause of the disturbance. 


Engadget, who were first to report on the incident, have revealed through unofficial reports that the fight may have been triggered by a confrontation between plant security and workers. 

While the later report from Reuters suggests the fight broke out between workers of different production lines, a strike at the same factory in March points to ongoing worker dissatisfaction. The strike in March brought no salary increase and, in the face of quotas, overtime work can be of a compulsory nature.