France Is Open To Entrepreneurs

France is getting ready to welcome international entrepreneurs and startup founders. In news announced today at the Viva Tech conference in Paris, France’s President Emmanuel Macron told reporters that France has launched a technology visa that will attract international talent.

The new visa, named the “Talent Passport,” is open to startup founders, partners, and investors. The visa is valid for four years with a possible extension.

From news published on CNBC. Macron stated:

"I want France to attract new entrepreneurs, new researchers, and be the nation for innovation and start-ups."

"I want this country to become a country of unicorns.”

"The bet of the future for us is to carry on educating our talents, taking our students to the highest levels of academic success. We must defend our educational model, we must help our students go further," Macron said, adding that if they end up going to another country, "they must come back, because here is where the future lies."

"I will ensure that we create a most attractive and creative environment, I will ensue that the state and government acts a platform and not a constraint," Macron said.

"Entrepreneur is the new France."