Free Book Download: Containerized Docker Application Lifecycle with Microsoft Tools and Platform

The Microsoft Developer Division team has recently published an ebook, “Containerized Docker Application Lifecycle with Microsoft Tools and Platform”, written by Cesar de la Torre. The book is freely available for download as a PDF.
As the name suggests, it is a handbook where you can gain end-to-end knowledge on the Docker application development lifecycle with Microsoft tools and services, and start planning Docker and Microsoft technologies/cloud based development projects.
The author of the book, Ceaser de la Torre, has been working with Microsoft Press for quite some time now, and this new ebook too is published by Microsoft Press.
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Here is the table of contents of the book.
Section 1: Summary
Section 2: Introduction to containers and Docker
Section 3: Introduction to the Docker application lifecycle
Section 4: Introduction to the Microsoft platform and tools for containerized applications
Section 5: Architecting and developing containerized applications with Docker and Azure
Section 6: Docker application DevOps workflow with Microsoft tools
Section 7: Running, managing and monitoring Docker production environments
Section 8: Conclusions
“Over the last years, Microsoft has been rapidly releasing container innovations to the Windows and Linux ecosystems – partnering with industry leaders like Docker and Mesosphere to deliver container solutions that help companies build and deploy applications at cloud speed and scale, whatever their choice of platform or tools.
This guide provides end-to-end guidance on the Docker application development lifecycle with Microsoft tools and services while providing an introduction to Docker development concepts for readers who might be new to the Docker ecosystem.”
Who should read this book
The main audience of the book is developers, architects, and the people who are working in IT operations. Along with these people, the publisher (Microsoft Press) claims that this book is quite helpful for technical decision makers who are already familiar with Docker but who would like to know the Microsoft portfolio of products, services, and technologies for the end-to-end Docker application lifecycle.
The 60 page ebook is written in a very informative way and anyone, from novice intern to expert development lead, can learn the implementation of the Docker application lifecycle with Microsoft technologies and services in the cloud.