Free E-Book Essential WCF Practical Implementation Released

C# Corner and the author Akshay Patel has just released the new book Essential WCF Practical Implementation.
Grab a free copy of this eBook here >>


This Book is about the basic introduction of the “WCF (Windows Communication Foundation)” for the beginners.

Table of Contents

1. WCF Introduction and Contracts.
2. WCF Fault Contracts.
3. WCF Message Exchange pattern.
    3.1. Request/Response.
    3.2. One way
    3.3. Duplex.
4. WCF Data Contracts
    4.1 DataContract Attribute
    4.2 DataMemberAttribute
5. WCF Difference between Service allocation and Service library
6. WCF Serialization Part1
    6.1 XML serialize
    6.2 NetDataContractorSerializer
    6.3 DataContractSerializer
7. WCF serialization Part2
8. WCF Opt-In Vs. Opt-Out
8.1 Opt-Out Approach
8.2 Opt-In Approach
9. WCF Message Contract
    9.1 MessageContractAttribute
    9.2 MessageHeaderAttribute
    9.3 MessageBodyAttribute
10. WCF Address Binding and Contract
    10.1 BasicHttpBinding
    10.2 wsDualHttpBinding
    10.3 webHttpBinding
    10.4 NetTcpBinding
    10.5 NetPeerTcpBinding
    10.6 ntNamedPipeBinding
    10.7 netNamedPipeBinding
    10.8 netMSMQBinding
11. WCF Service Configuration Using Web.Config
12. WCF Service Configuration Using Configuration Editor


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