Free E-Book Guide to Microsoft Enterprise Library Released

C# Corner and the author Sateesh Arveti have just released the new book Guide to Microsoft Enterprise Library.

Grab a free copy of this eBook here >>


This book is a basic introduction to Microsoft Enterprise Library and is basically for beginners who want to learn all the basics with examples of the Microsoft Enterprise Library. 

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction of Enterprise Library

        1.1  What is Enterprise Library
        1.2  Benefits of Enterprise Library
        1.3  Types of application Blocks

            1.3.1   Caching Application Block
            1.3.2   Cryptography Application Block
            1.3.3   Data Access Application Block
            1.3.4   Logging Application Block
            1.3.5   Policy Injection Application Block
            1.3.6   Security Application Block
            1.3.7   Unity Application Block
            1.3.8   Validation Application Block(VAB)

        1.4  History of Enterprise Library
  2. Validation Application Block
  3. Attributes Based Validators

        3.1  Property Comparison Validator
        3.2  Regex Validators
        3.3  Validator Composition
  4. Enterprise Library Configuration Tool
  5. Implementation of Validators using Custom Code
  6. Adaptors provided by the Validation Application Block
  7. Windows Forms Validation using VAB Adaptor
  8. VAB Adaptor for WCF
  9. Implementation of Custom Validators using VAB
  10. Integration of VAB using Policy Injection Application Block(PIAB)