Free E-Book LINQ Quick Reference with C# Released

C# Corner and the author Abhimanyu Kumar Vatsa has just released the new book  LINQ Quick Reference with C#.

Grab a free copy of this eBook here >>


This book is a basic introduction to LINQ (Language Integrated Query) basically for beginners who want to learn complete basic with example of LINQ.

Table of Contents

  1. Basic Introduction to LINQ

    1.1 What is LINQ
    1.2 Benefits of LINQ
    1.3 Alder Approach.

  2. Examples related to LINQ

    2.1 LINQ to Array
    2.2 LINQ to XML.

  3. Generic Collections in LINQ

  4. Demo Project explores LINQ queries

  5. Selecting Data using LINQ

  6. Query Operations in LINQ

    6.1 Filter
    6.2 Order
    6.3 Group
    6.4 Join

  7. Joining Multiple Data-Sources using “Concate” Key in LINQ

  8. Customizing LINQ’s “Select” Statement

  9. Transforming Data source objects into XML using LINQ

  10. Performing Calculation in LINQ

  11. LINQ Query Syntax and Method Syntax

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