Free E-Book Silverlight 2 Web Services

C# Corner and the author Jonas Fagerberg have just released the new book SilverLight 2 Web Service.

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This book is a basic introduction to SilverLight 2 Web Service and is basically for beginners who want to learn all the basics with examples of the SilverLight 2 Web Service.

Table of Contents

This book introduction about the “SilverLight 2 Web Service” In this book you will learn about the Silverlight 2 web service. This book is best for the beginners.

  1. Introduction of the Silverlight2 Web Service

    1.1 Creating the Silverlight application
    1.2 Adding the WCF Service to the Silverlight application.
    1.3 Adding a Test Method to the Web Service.
    1.4 Testing the WCF Service
    1.5 Add a Reference to the Web Service
    1.6 Writing the Web Service code

  2. User Defined Type

    2.1 Building a Web Service
    2.2 Creating a Silverlight application
    2.3 Adding the WCF Service to the Silverlight application.

  3. Single Object Get and Update from database

    3.1 Adding Database calls
    3.2 Altering the Product class.
    3.3 Adding the database class to the Web Service Project

  4. Making Database calls through ADO.NET Data Service

    4.1 Creating the Silverlight application.
    4.2 Creating the Silverlight Page.
    4.3 Creating the Data Service.