F# 4.1 Is Released

On March 7, Microsoft released Visual Studio 2017, its popular developer IDE, and part of the release was also the new versions of programming languages C#, F#, TypeScript, VB, and C++.

F# 4.1 was released as a part of Visual Studio 2017. This version of F# includes the following new features and upgrades.

  • Struct tuples which inter-operate with C# tuples
  • Struct annotations for Records
  • Struct annotations for Single-case Discriminated Unions
  • Fixed keyword support
  • Underscores in numeric literals
  • Caller info argument attributes
  • Result type and some basic Result functions
  • Mutually referential types and modules within the same file 
  • Implicit "Module" syntax on modules which share the same name as a type 
  • Byref returns, which support consuming C# ref-returning methods
F# can be downloaded here: https://github.com/fsharp/fsharp 

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