GameAnalytics SDK for Microsoft UWP Released

Microsoft announces its partnership with GameAnalytics, a powerful tool which helps developers get to know the behavior of the player so that it is able to improve engagement, reduce churn, and increase monetization.
This tool provides the game developer with a central platform, consolidates the player’s data from several channels, so as to help visualize their core gaming KPIs in one convenient view. It also helps in enticing the team members to collaborate with reporting and also in allowing them to benchmark their game, so as to see how it can be compared with more than 10,000 similar titles.
You will be able to set up GameAnalytics within a few minutes and it will be completely free of charge, without the need of any caps on usage or premium subscription tiers. You can also sign up, in order to view the demo game and data, so as to view the platform in action before making any kind of technical changes.
GameAnalytics Founder and Chairman, Morten E Wulff, in the official blog states,
“I believe the single most valuable asset for any game developer in today’s market is knowledge. Since I started GameAnalytics back in 2012, I’ve met with hundreds of game studios from all over the world, and every single one is struggling with increasing user acquisition costs and falling retention rates. When they do strike gold, they don’t always know why. GameAnalytics is here to change that. To be successful, game studios will have to combine creative excellence with a data-driven approach to development and monetization. We are here to bridge this gap and make it available to everyone for free.”
For more details on how to install GameAnalytics, check the official Website.