Gen - A New AI Language From MIT Researchers

Gen has been designed to ease the use of probabilistic modeling and inference.

Recently, MIT researchers announced a new programming language designed for computer vision, robotics, statistics and more, dubbed Gen.
Gen has been developed to take away the complexity of equations or having to manually write code, to enable researchers and developers of all skill levels to create models and algorithms for AI.
The team behind the development of Gen says that Gen eases the use of probabilistic modeling and inference. It provides modeling languages in which you can express models, and high-level programming constructs to automate aspects of inference.
"Gen’s flexible modeling and inference programming capabilities unify symbolic, neural, probabilistic, and simulation-based approaches to modeling and inference, including causal modeling, symbolic programming, deep learning, hierarchical Bayesiam modeling, graphics and physics engines, and planning and reinforcement learning." the team wrote on the website.
The team says that Gen is a package for the Julia. Its multiple modeling languages are implemented as DSLs in Julia and it is a Julia library for inference programming.