General Availability Of Backup For Azure Premium Storage Virtual Machines Announced

Microsoft has announced the general availability of backup for premium storage virtual machines using Azure Backup. This is done to protect enterprise applications such as Oracle DB, Cassandra and SAP running on Azure IaaS. The availability is in all regions where premium storage is offered.
For both classic and ARM (Azure Resource Manager)) virtual machines with premium disks
Backup can be enabled.
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As stated,
"Restore process provides the flexibility to restore the data to either premium or standard storage accounts. If the restored virtual machine needs the same performance characteristics as premium storage, it can be restored to a premium storage account; for all other use cases, it can be restored to VMs for standard storage, which is cheaper."
Customers deploy premium storage for virtual machine to satisfy the IOPs requirements of enterprise critical workloads. Backup data is copied to the storage account initially as a a staging area before it is copied to the backup vault. This is done so that the impact of IOPS on the production workload while efficiently transferring incremental changes to the backup vault is minimized.
The staging area is cleaned after the backup data is copied to the vault.
Existing Azure backup customer, start configuring the backup on Azure portal.