General Availability Of Visio JavaScript APIs Announced

Microsoft announced the release of Visio JavaScript APIs. You will now be able to use the Visio JavaScript APIs so as to extend the Visio Online and build an all new richer mashup scenarios. The APIs can now be used as a part of your production environment. 
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The Visio Online is an all new way for you to view as well as share the Visio diagrams available on the web. The company informs that part of the Offline Online ecosystem, Visio Online goes on to include modern UI and it will also introduce performance improvements as well as rich consumption capabilities, which were not available earlier, in Visio Web Access.
The Visio JavaScript APIs enable programmatic access to the embedded Visio Online diagrams in a SharePoint page.
In the official blog, the company explains -
“An embedded Visio diagram is a diagram that is stored in a SharePoint document library and displayed inside a SharePoint web page using an iframe.”
Advantages of using Visio JavaScript APIs, as per the official blog.
  • Visio Web Access supports only viewing of the diagrams and therefore the APIs can only perform read-only operations. Visio Online will support editing capabilities and the creation of diagrams on the web in future. You will be able to use the Visio JavaScript APIs to programmatically create and edit diagrams in Visio Online.

  • Visio Web Access is limited to SharePoint and the interactive mashup solutions only work with the Visio Web Access web part. Visio Online will support embedding of Visio diagrams in any web page. Custom solutions that you implement via the Visio JavaScript APIs will work against embedded Visio diagrams in SharePoint Online or any external web page.

  • Solutions that are built using Visio JavaScript APIs will work across platforms in future.
You can now check Visio JavaScript APIs and build rich mashup solutions to meet your organization’s specific needs.