Generate Data and Business Layers in seconds

Code Generator tool does following for you.

  • Creates Business Entities (Base entities and derived entities) from your database tables. Each database field is mapped with respective property in Entity
  • Creates EntityCollections for each Business Entity generated (Collections support data binding and other functionality)
  • Creates Business Access Layer Components (BALCs) for each entity generated to achieve functionality like Insert, Update, Delete, Get, Get All etc
  • Automatically creates stored procedures (if selected) for each database table for Insert, Update, Delete, Get and Get All
  • Queries are generated dynamically for Insert, Update, Delete, Get and Get All functionalities. So you do not need to write it.

Not only this, but the real excitement starts now!!!

Even after you have generated code, you need to think about implementation of basic functionalities like Insert, Update, Delete, Get and GetAll for each of the entity you have generated. Code Generator is shipped with an assembly called Vision4iT.SqlServer.dll that links with your Business Layer Class library project. So, finally you do not have to worry about writing code for basic functions like Insert, Update, Delete, Get and GetAll from each single database table. If you want to use stored procedure for data access, you can do it without any issue because they are also automatically generated for your tables (provided that you had checked this option).  

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