Genome Aggregation Database Now Available On Google Cloud

Google-cloud in collaboration with Broad Institute provides free access to the genome aggregation database.

Recently, Google announced its partnership with the Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard to provide free access to one of the world's most comprehensive public genomic datasets dubbed the Genome Aggregation Database (gnomAD).
Well, gnomAD brings together data from numerous large-scale sequencing projects, including population and disease-specific genetic studies.
gnomAD data is hosted in many different formats to address a wide range of biomedical and healthcare use cases. The data is available in Hail-formatted tables and Variant Call Format files in Google Cloud Storage. The data has also been made available in BigQuery as part of the Public Datasets Program.
Source: Google
"Users receive 1TB of free BigQuery processing every month, which can be used to run queries on this public dataset. Google Cloud users can securely access this data in any of these formats across all Google Cloud regions through their bioinformatics pipelines on Google Cloud without paying egress charges." wrote Google.
The gnomAD data contains over 241 million unique short human genetic variants and 335,000 structural variants observed in over 141,000 healthy adult individuals across a diverse range of genetic ancestry groups. According to Google, this dataset is a near-ubiquitous resource for human genetics research and clinical variant interpretation.