Get Ready To Access Other Microsoft Services With Just Your Skype Name

There have been several shifts with the Microsoft-owned Skype team, with the enduring goal of bringing the development of the VOIP service closer to Windows 10. Microsoft has announced one such change, which has to do with the sign-in process.
Now, you will be able to use your Skype Name in order to sign into other Microsoft services such as Xbox, Office, and OneDrive. With a single sign-in (and an email address for certain services), you will be able to have fun on Xbox Live, access your pictures as well as documents through OneDrive, and also, check your email on Outlook, in addition to connecting with your family and friends on Skype.
Microsoft in its official blog states,
“If you have noticed some changes to the Skype sign-in screen, password change and account recovery flow, that’s because these are now managed by Microsoft. None of these changes will affect your ability to use Skype—as usual, you can still sign in using your Skype Name.”
In order to use the latest features, you will need to ensure that you have installed the latest Skype version.

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