Git 2.26 Is Now Available

Recently, GitHub announced the latest version of Git, 2.26.
GitHub said that in Git 2.26, the protocol version 2 is now the default. Protocol version 2 starts with the client request and offers a way for the client to tell the server which references it is interested in.
Source: Github 
Git 2.26 also includes some new config options. It introduces "--show-scope", which works similar to "--show-origin" but uses names that can be fed back to "git config". "--show-scope" can be combined with "--show-origin" for more detail, and can be used when looking up a single option, or listing them all.
2.26 also brings the ability to use wildcards when matching credential URLs.
The new version also brings a new "git sparse-checkout add" mode, which allows you to add new directory entries one at a time.
GitHub said that git grep is now faster than before. git grep option behaves much like grep, but works in your Git repository. It allows you to grep through the checked-out contents of your repository, as well as through historical revisions.