GitHub Extension for Visual Studio 2015

The GitHub Extension for Visual Studio 2015 RC is available now free to download.

The GitHub Extension for Visual Studio makes it easy to connect to and work with your repositories on GitHub and GitHub Enterprise from directly within Visual Studio 2015. Clone existing repositories or create new ones and start collaborating!


Connect - From the Team Explorer section, click the Connect... button in the GitHub invitation section to login to the extension. The extension supports two-factor authentication (2fa) with GitHub and stores credentials in the Windows Credential store so that Git Operations within Visual Studio work with your GitHub repositories. The extension also supports logging into a GitHub Enterprise instance.

Clone - Once connected, click on the Clone button to list all repositories that you have access to on GitHub.

Create - The create dialog lets you create a repository on and locally that are connected together.

Publish - For a local-only repository, click on the Sync navigation item to get the GitHub publish control. This make it quick to publish your local work up to GitHub.