GitHub Integrates With Microsoft Teams

A new GitHub and Microsoft Teams integration is available in public beta.

Recently, Github announced a new GitHub and Microsoft Teams integration, which is available in public beta.
Users can get to access to this new integration via the Microsoft Teams app store, where they can install GitHub (Preview).
This integration brings the ability to close/reopen issues and comment on issues/pull requests right in Teams.
The integration allows you to customize your experience. You can make settings so that you get notifications for only the organizations and repositories you care about. To subscribe to get notifications for an organization or repository’s activity you can use the @github subscribe [organization]/[repository] command. And, to unsubscribe to notifications from a repository, you can use @github unsubscribe [organization]/[repository]
Source: GitHub
Now your team can see all the important details on a GitHub activity posted in a Microsoft Teams channel. The notification card you see for any pull request or issue always reflects the current state from GitHub along with other metadata like checks, descriptions, labels, assignees, and reviewers.
In order to help you in retaining the context and collaboration, now any new event that happens on a pull request or issue is added as a reply to the parent card.
Now if you share links to GitHub activities in the channel, you will see that more details are automatically extracted and shown as a preview in your Teams channel.