GitHub Introduces Embedding Of Code Snippets

GitHub has enabled a new feature of embedding the code snippets within a conversation. This new feature has given users the ability to share what they are working on to get instant feedback within the same thread.
GitHub has announced this via a blog post stating,

“Your team can get more done when they have all of the information they need in one place. Now, you can see helpful references in issues you're already working in (or start a new issue) with embedded code snippets. Include the code snippets that will push your projects forward without making your team leave the conversation.”
The process of embedding a code snippet is quite simple. First, select the lines of code that you want to embed. You will see an inline toolbar (three dots) on the left. Just click “Copy permalink” and paste it wherever you want. For better understanding, you can see the below GIF.
Source: GitHub
Well, GitHub has gone beyond this. Now, you can create a new issue as well using the three dot toolbar, as shown in the below image.
Source: GitHub