GitHub Introduces Topics

GitHub has launched its new features to help users find similar project repositories based around common subject areas.
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They have appropriately named the search tool Topics, and it has been powered by labels which draw connections between GitHub repositories, allowing users to search by technology, project type, language, community, and other such subjects which have been defined by the repository admin.
This feature is really useful for all the people who are actually seeking to explore subject areas which interest them, and in which they can then provide their own contributions.
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However, topics can be applied to both public as well as private repositories. The private repositories will display only if the user has provided it with permission of access.
Shay Frendt, senior engineer at GitHub, in a blog post, states,
“Topics will continue to grow as we learn more from you and better understand GitHub's role in project discovery. We can't wait to see how you use this new feature!”