GitHub New Features For Quick And Flexible Code Review

GitHub new features have been added and will allow developers to make code review quicker and more flexible.
As stated via a blog post:
"Effective code review catches bugs before they’re deployed, improves code consistency, and helps educate new developers. We’re adding new features to make code review on GitHub faster and more flexible." 
Here are the changes and new features:
Flexible review 
One of the popular styles on GitHub is to review all changes in a pull request at once, making the pull request the unit of change.
For style used by a team, you’ll now have access to the new commits list in the review bar. This will help to find the commit you want to review speedily.
Also, pagination and new keyboard shortcuts have been added to make navigating through commits in a pull request easier. 
Image Source: github blog
Filter pull requests by extensions
Now, filter pull requests by extensions. For example, search by extensions like .rb, .html, etc. If you know which specific extension file you want, then filter by filename. This will help to focus only on the specific code and ignore any changes made to other files. 
Deeper context on any line comment
Conversations are always interesting and developers always have interesting conversations and debates about code during the review process. These debates always help beginners as well as advanced developers. For this, GitHib now has deeper context on any line comment.

Image Source: github blog 

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