Github Offers Enterprise Cloud Free Trial

The trial comes with no commitment and includes beta features as well.

Recently, Github announced the 14-day free trial offer of its Enterprise Cloud, including the beta features.
Well, the offer comes with a quick and easy signup process without any long-term commitment
Source: Github 
"Enterprise Cloud extends the flexibility of GitHub with features that minimize administrative challenges and security risks as your projects grow. So you can focus on building your business--and leave the rest to us." wrote Github
The highlights of the offer are:
Built-in CI/CD - The Enterprise Cloud trial offers Github's most-recent features like GitHub Actions and GitHub Package Registry. GitHub Actions gives you built-in CI/CD and an ecosystem of community-built workflows to help you automate your entire software development lifecycle. You can build, test, and deploy your projects on any platform or cloud. GitHub Package Registry provides support for JavaScript, RubyGems, Java, NuGet, and Docker.
By combining GitHub Actions with GitHub Package Registry you can publish and discover packages and containers, all in one place.
For the security, you get industry-standard tools like SAML and data-powered security alerts. And Dependabot, allows you to automate security fixes and keep your projects secure and up to date.
Seamless collaboration across the world’s largest open-source community and guaranteed stability are also major benefit of using Github's Enterprise Cloud.