Gitlab 12.2 Arrives With Directed Acyclic Graphs Support

Gitlab 12.2 is available now with faster and more flexible pipelines, and design management.

Recently, GitLab announced its latest version 12.2. Gitlab said that new version will help developers optimize their pipelines, improve collaboration, and manage interdependencies between projects.
Gitlab 12.2 features faster and more flexible pipelines. It supports Directed Acyclic Graphs (DAG) as a method to create and manage detailed job dependencies, rather than relying on sequential stages.
12.2, also brings new capabilities to include designers and design management in GitLab. Design Management enables you to easily share, version, and collaborate on design artifacts, which helps you to be more efficient with a single source of truth.
Starting with 12.2, GitLab now also supports Cross-project Merge Request Dependencies. This enables you to define dependency relationships and prevent errors due to changes being merged in the wrong order.
Other exciting features in GitLab 12.2 include Restrict group membership by domain, Feature Flag Percent Rollout Strategy & Feature Flag User ID rollout Strategy, and Security approval in Merge Requests.
Also, scoped environment variables are now included in Core.