GitLab 13.6 Brings Auto Deploy to EC2

v13.6 extends Auto DevOps to support AWS

GitLab has rolled out version 13.6, which brings Auto Deploy to EC2 and Usage Trends Dashboard. The latest release features  60+ exciting new features and improvements.

This release extends Auto DevOps to support AWS, so you can now Auto-Deploy to Amazon EC2 using Auto DevOps without using Kubernetes. The new code quality severity feature included within the merge request and the Full Code Quality Report, enables you to quickly determine which code quality violations are critical to resolve before merging. 

GitLab 13.6 also updates the Project Security Dashboard to include the results of the recent most run pipeline security scan and also a dynamic vulnerability trend chart to help you stay on top of the real-time and historical vulnerability trends. The release also adds the fuzz testing results in the merge request along with the other security results and improves the readability of this report by adding the source file name and line number to help you quickly find the exact crash location and fix it.

13.6 also improves Gitlab extension with VS Code to insert Snippets, view and comment on merge requests and issues directly from VisualStudio Code rather than switching to the GitLab interface.

For additional details, you can visit the official announcement here.

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