GitLab Ends MySQL Support With 12.1 Release

GitLab ends MySQL support with release 12.1 as it slows down Gitlab and poses a number of limitations.

Recently, GitLab announced that it is ending support for MySQL in the 12.1 release. As MySQL slows the production team down and requires creating a lot of MySQL specific code while posing a number of limitations.
Some of the limitation highlighted by Gitlab:
  • Gitlab is not able to support nested groups with MySQL in a performant way.
  • The need to use hacks to increase limits on columns which can lead to MySQL refusing to store data.
  • MySQL doesn't have the ability to add TEXT type column without length specified. Also it doesn't support partial indexes.
Source: Gitlab 
GitLab said that most of its customers are on PostgreSQL and MySQL users can easily migrate to the PostgreSQL backend if they chose to upgrade to 12.1