GitLab Reduces CI/CD Minutes For Free Tier Users

The lowering of the current monthly usage limit still aligns with the majority of free user usage.

Recently, GitLab shared that it is lowering the current monthly usage limit to 400 minutes per top-level group as it found that 98.5% of free users are using 400 CI/CD minutes or less per month.
Gitlab said that for those users who need more than 400 minutes they can purchase additional CI/CD minutes at $10 per 1000 minutes or upgrade to a paid tier. And, they can also bring their own runners. Users can run specific runners for any of their projects. GitLab only count minutes on the shared runners provide on
You can reduce CI/CD minute usage in various ways, including bringing your own runners.
Gitlab also said that there will be no change/reduction in CI/CD minute limits for members of the GitLab for Open Source, GitLab for Education, and GitLab for Startups programs and will continue to match the Gold tier.

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