GitLab Releases Version 12.5

GitLab 12.5 brings EKS cluster integration, environments dashboard and Sourcegraph integration.

Recently, GitLab announced its latest release 12.5 featuring EKS cluster integration and an environments dashboard.
The company said that EKS integration isn’t just important to enable users to easily deploy to Kubernetes on AWS, it’s part of the company's broader multicloud strategy.
Starting with 12.5, GitLab’s new environments dashboard offers you a single point of access to the status of environments in all groups and projects.
Source: Gitlab
Other notable features of the release constitute Sourcegraph integration and new security improvements.
Also, Crossplane has been integrated and deployable as a GitLab Managed App, which eliminates the friction and effort of provisioning and managing cloud service dependencies by letting admins to declaratively provision and securely consume managed services from a cloud of their choice.
To learn more you can visit the website here.