Gizmox releases Visual WebGui 6.4 Free Preview Version

Visual WebGui 6.4, available free for download here, introduces the first coding-free Point & Click Web Design Tool that allows users to create professional, creative user interfaces (UI's) without any need to code in JavaScript, HTML, CSS or XAML with Silverlight.

With the Point & Click Web Design Tool, users can take advantage of Visual WebGui's lightening-fast application development and secure web deployment without sacrificing the essential flexibility of professional, branded applications. The new 6.4 Point & Click Web Design Tool integrates with existing design software such as Adobe Photoshop, Microsoft Expression Blend, Adobe Flash CS, and more, and allows UI designers to fully customize their application themes and Visual WebGui's more than 80 out-of-the-box controls. VWG 6.4’s coding-free application development and coding-free UI designer combine the ease of Visual WebGui Drag & Drop development with sophisticated visual design for DHTML UI’s or Microsoft Silverlight.

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