Gmail Add iOS’s Privacy Labels

Following YouTube, Gmail has now become the second most important Google app to get a privacy label.

Google has finally added Apple App Store privacy labels to its Gmail app. After YouTube, Gmail now has become the second most important Google app to get a privacy label.

Well, the privacy label on an app reveals that the app collects the contact info of users, user content, and contacts. The Gmail app also collects your location data for analytics.

Source: Google

Now, over 12 Google Apps display privacy labels but they are not as popular as Gmail or YouTube. The list includes Stadia, Google Authenticator, Google Play Movies and TV, Google Translate, Google Classroom, Google Fiber, Google Fiber TV, Wear OS, Onduo for Diabetes, Project Baseline, Google Smart Lock, Motion Stills - GIF, Collage.

Please note that Apple’s app privacy labels are meant to show all the things that an app might access, not exactly what information that app will access and use. And, the information in the labels is submitted by the company itself, Apple doesn’t gurantee about its accuracy.

Apple had announced its new policy, last year end, that all app developers are required to add privacy labels to their apps. The labels would let the users know how much data an app is collecting from a user.

Though most developers complied with Apple’s new guidelines, things surely did not go well with the social-media giant, Facebook. Facebook accused Apple of being harming the business of small developers.