Gmail Bug Causing Accidental Deletion Of Emails Now Fixed

Google has announced in a notification to users that a Gmail bug caused some users to mistakenly delete emails and inadvertently reported others as spam.
Google confirmed that the bug was active between January 15 and 22 and is now fixed. However, it did not announce how many were affected by the bug. It should be noted that the issue also affected those who accessed Gmail from the mobile browsers, for iOS app, or offline in a desktop browser.
According to The Verge, Google regrets the issue and has instructed its users to check their Trash and Spam folders for mails that is useful for them before 14th February, so that no accidentally-moved messages are lost. In case any user finds such mails then just moving them to your Inbox will help.
Earlier this week, Gmail and the other Google services faced a massive outage, affecting 10% of its users, that lasted for about an hour.

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